Where philosophy meets science

Sustainable Plant Solutions

is where growing meets philosophy and science. We are soil technicians who help cannabis growers increase the quality of their growing medium—and their product.

Our mission is to increase quality and consistency and reduce the fertilizer, soil amendments and pesticides used on hemp and cannabis. 

Our philosophy: healthy growth through science

We are here to help you grow cannabis and maximize its quality. We test, analyze and report, and have no relationship with any maker of clones, fertilizer or growth media. 

*  Our independence is your best assurance.

*  Sustainable Plant Solutions' soil technicians help cannabis growers increase the quality of their growing medium and their product. 

*  As highly experienced, independent agronomists, we can help you improve the conditions under which you grow your cannabis product.

*  We test, analyze and make strategic recommendations for reducing or adjusting additives such as fertilizer, soil amendments and pesticides.

*  The cultivation of cannabis sativa requires very particular conditions constantly subject to change. 

*  Our years of work and study in turf, soil conditions and hydroponics are at your service. 

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