About Us

To maximize the quality of your cannabis product, start at the soil. Sustainable Plant Solutions is an independent, science-based, soil-analyzing agency with a dedication to educating our customers and helping them improve outcomes through science.

Based in Northeast Ohio, we can support growers anywhere that cannabis is legal to grow. 

How We Can Help You Grow

Perhaps you would like to see improvements to your facility’s agronomy, or you are focused on improving and sustaining business results. Maybe you are just starting out as a grower of cannabis or hemp. Turn to us. We are expert agronomists–if it's chlorophyll based we know how to make it grow better.

Here's what you can expect from Sustainable Plant Solutions. 

  • Maximum efficiency. Years of helping customers with sports turf–from golf to equestrian–improve both quality and yield of their growth media.
  • Versatility. Our services extend to hydroponics, water and tissue. We give you a complete picture of your growth media and related analyses.
  • Focused advice. A transparent, thorough process to analyze environmental and genetic conditions and make recommendations from each assessment.
  • Independence. We do not represent any specific products or companies. You can trust our advice.

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We are a team of dedicated individuals who research, analyze and record data on the cultivation of cannabis and hemp, ultimately increasing the efficiency of production. Due to our understanding of such data, we know what to look for when assessing your growth media. 

Our principals include nationally known experts on improving turf, a sensitive, frequently stressed “crop” that must be managed for efficiency, quality and consistency. Our backgrounds in turf management, agriculture and certified technical analysis put us in a position to help you grow.

Our experience includes sports turf and many other forms of plant production across different climates and environments. We know this: it’s what is in the growth medium that grows success or failure in a crop such as cannabis.

Sustainable Plant Solutions is an independent, third-party consultant. Our tests are not the same as those offered by companies with a product—such as fertilizer—to sell. We test, analyze and recommend in order to promote your good outcomes, not those of anyone else.