A precise, total approach based on our proprietary testing kit

  1. Carefully examine each medium for growing cannabis.
  2. Test and assess soil, hydroponics, water and tissue for nutritional states.
  3. Provide detailed analysis with expert recommendations.
  4. Evaluate potential for soil amendments, strategize for effective, sustainable use.

Sampling. It all starts with the kit. We provide you with an easy-to-use set for sampling your growth media. Our pinpoint survey will guide you in supplying specific information about your cannabis crop.

We also can visit your facility and walk through the process with you, for a more intensive approach.

Testing. Sixteen different elements comprise the soil assessment. With sampling in hand, we then track data through professional lab services to provide you, the cannabis farmer, with nutritional breakdowns of plant-available nutrients for both soil-grown and hydroponic plants.

Tissue testing (“snapshot” of the leaf's nutrient content) completes our assessment. We also test water quality and make recommendations based on the values found.

Each of our four distinct testing packages delivers valuable information. Together they give you a universal view of interrelated factors in crop quality. With this knowledge you can plan for quality and sustainability. 

Advice. The last part of our service to you is recommendations that can be used to improve outcomes. Based on our sampling and testing, we may recommend changes to soil amendments, water use, growth media and growing style. We are independent agronomists with no connection to any product company; we only make recommendations based on what will help you grow.


Complete soil test. Base saturation. Nitrate and ammonium. Saturated paste test.


Solid or liquid state. Tests for nutrient composition. Recommendation based on saturated-paste test values.

Water Quality

Chemical analysis of sample. Recommendation for adjustment/amendment of filtration or irrigation water, based on the values found.


Chemical composition analysis. Recommendation based on values found. Highly accurate when used in combination with media test.

Pinpoint analysis, recommendations and report

We measure, adjust and repeat. Growing cannabis is a complex endeavor. Growth media change and develop. The more you test, the more stable and consistent your product. 

The resulting pinpoint analysis reports on: pH, organic matter, total exchange capacity, sulfur, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, boron, iron, manganese, copper, zinc, aluminum, and base saturation percentages for calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium.

Cannabis cultivation is an intensive program of multiple, continuous growing seasons that requires careful, knowledgeable management. We seek optimum efficiency in every growth medium and environment, and will work with you to achieve it.

Importantly, we work with an independent lab and develop our own strategic report,  free of any conflicts of interest. We give you our best recommendations with your business goals in mind.