Why Choose Us?

Why Test Your Cannabis Growth Media? 

It's All About the Balance.

Your plants have a balance that derives from their growing conditions. Upset this by going too far in any direction with growth media, water quality or amendments, and it can take some work to “right the ship.” Plants are electrically charged and when they seek stasis–the proper balance–they may overcompensate and overreact to soil-based components such as fertilizer.

“Sustainable” is not a buzz word, when it comes to growing quality crops of cannabis and hemp. With our tests, we seek to help you achieve a naturally balanced growing process that you can depend on. Testing makes your agronomy sustainable. 

Why Choose Sustainable Plant Solutions?

We can help you correct immediate concerns and help you find a sustainable strategy that makes good business sense.

First, if you have a problem, contact us. We are used to diagnosing and resolving issues that no one else could fix.

Second, our major objective is to help the cannabis grower achieve a sustainable quality in soil and other growing features. We are all about science-based outcomes, responsibly obtained. In the long run, this leads to both customer satisfaction and cost efficiencies for you.  

  • Plant nutrition expertise in both soil and hydroponics.
  • Over 40 years of large agricultural experience.
  • Decades in expert sports turf management. 
  • Professional relationship with an established laboratory for accurate results.
  • Testing and research, including a pinpoint survey to focus on your discrete production, how your current program affects your plant-growth results. 


We are not here to “sell” you. We have no products to push. We are interested in making you successful as a cannabis grower. The lab we use for all analysis is local, independent, and not connected to any commercial entity.

Experience and Knowledge

Our background in turf management and agriculture make us outcome-oriented. We see ourselves as your strategic partners and are eager to help you understand your crops to save money and create long term plans and continuous improvement.


Don’t waste—learn. We believe wholeheartedly that helping our clients understand their growth conditions and media will help them be efficient, high-quality cannabis growers.

Comprehensiveness and Study

Very few companies can do what we are doing. Our experience feeds our comprehensive approach. We are up-to-date on current thinking regarding issues such as:

  • Accessibility of organic matter and microbial ecology, temperature dependencies and other atmospheric considerations.
  • The study of organic matter in water, with attention to water-soluble forms.
  • Examination of soil structure, water and nutrient storage, and provision focuses on microbial access to and management of carbon flows.

Our familiarity with the latest technical thinking means that we can help you address your cannabis growth media in ways that are dynamic and ecologically sound.

The Value of Time

Unlike the quick fix of unnecessary fertilizers, a plan from Sustainable Plan Solutions will help you improve growing media for a sustainable future. We see cannabis and hemp as agricultural products worthy of proper, scientific investment.

  1. The first objective in our process is to reduce over-fertilization and improve the efficiency of the existing nutrient program.
  2. We then work to improve overall plant health and diagnose any existing problems.
  3. Finally, our work includes collecting all relevant data and providing education to help you set goals.

The success of your business rests on its most fundamental element—your growth medium. Reliable, independent testing of your tissue, soil or irrigation is the basis for efficiency. We will help you establish a botanically sound strategy for efficient growth of cannabis, hemp and other crops.

Science and Consistency Lead to Sustainable Solutions

Good solutions require systemic care. A balancing act of nutrients and soil is only as good as data, knowledge and expert analysis can make it. By getting the balance just right in your cannabis crop you are more likely to experience—

  • Increased yield, whether resin, seed or fiber.
  • Increased profits.
  • Optimized plant strains.
  • Valuable data tracking.
  • Boosted immune systems for your plants through optimized nutrition.
  • Reduced inputs or fertilizer.
  • Diagnostics for nutrient deficiency and toxicity.